Thursday, 23 February 2012

It is time for a change!

Working at a desk was never what I dreamed of doing and after a lengthy medical leave in 2006 I decided life was too short to spend it doing something I was not passionate about.  After 17+ years in a rut I had decided enough is enough, I needed a change and was going to finally make it happen. 
Even though I had been in an office environment for all of my adult life, I still dreamed of building a house one day and regularly dabbled in various construction-related projects I came across.  During my high school years, I had worked as a helper in my neighbour’s brick and stone laying business. In the early 1990’s I had renovated my Condo (full bare stud gut) in the City of Vancouver. Since moving to North Van in 1998, I have been a part of many of the neighbourhood construction projects on the block.   

I felt comfortable working in most of the trades (not some – who really likes drywall filling and sanding anyway?) but knew that I did not want to do any of the trades on a full time basis.  I knew I wanted to work for myself (Corporate Life had reinforced this characteristic first developed in high school) and I knew I liked working directly with the end client.

Being a Property Appraiser, my neighbour one day mentioned an interaction with a home inspector and the light simultaneously went on for both of us.  That was the perfect outlet for my interests and skills.  The next month, I was enrolled in the 5 course program at BCIT (local technical college) and went to my first inspection association meeting not that many weeks later.

By spring of 2007 I had completed the required schooling for my new inspection career.  That summer, I convinced my employer to let me quit and provide overflow services under contract for the next 12 months, but this time with me working from home.  This perfect arrangement provided flexible work schedule, regular income, and provided the time I needed to set up a new home inspection business. By March of 2008, I had also completed my required field training and finally set out my shingle and have never looked back since.

So, I had done it!  I was no longer chained to a desk and was finally working in an industry that complimented my personal interests.  An industry I had passion for.  I had expanded my knowledge of buildings and was now able to help my clients make informed purchasing decisions and then provide ongoing guidance on making their homes more durable, comfortable and in the end – economic!