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Friday, 8 November 2013

Thinking Ahead Saves Money!

I was notified about 6 months ago, that the District would be replacing the water line along our street.  As I was building next year, I saw an opportunity to both relocate the curb-stop so that it would not be under the new location where I intend to run our driveway, and increase the size of line in case I decide to put in a fire suppression system.

When I first approached the District, I was quoted the standard cost of $4500 to put in a new service at the start of new construction (I suspect they make everybody replace the service right back to the main, as a service from a torn down dwelling is most likely past its designed service life).  Fortunately, reasonable heads prevailed once I pushed back a little, and the price dropped to $350, representing the material cost difference between the ¾” they planned on installing and the size I needed.  I jumped at this and went down to the hall and paid my bill.

Well over the last couple of weeks, the project has been completed. Thanks to the District crew who did a great job!

Replacing the main – work went quickly as there were very few interference's.  The next length to add will be ‘mine’.

Bringing over the main that includes my service connection.

Now that is going to move some water!  I believe this is a 1.5” line, but have to admit, I did not check the size.  It will be a surprise next spring when I dig up the curb-stop to connect my new line to.

Main installed and waiting for the second pass when they do the service hook-ups.

New Service connected and run to curb-stop. If you look closely, you will see Alfie in the background, who helped me dig the trench to tie from the new curb-spot location to the existing one.

Getting ready to back-fill the trench.
Connecting the Curb-Stop while back filling the trench is continuing just behind.  The team ran like a well choreographed ballet.  No wasted time here!

These fittings were big and needed some extra hands to tighten.  I used Alfie to pre-dig the tie-in trench and around the curb-stop so the crew did not have to worry about my water and electrical conduit.

Ready for the next day, when the crew kindly agreed to tie over to my existing service (something I originally was responsible for).
Now tied into my old service to the house (will be abandoned when the new house is built).  You can see the cut-off pipe from the old curb-stop at the top right quadrant of the photo.
New curb-stop reduced to ¾” in order to temporarily tie over to my existing service.
3/4" Tie in to old service complete and ready for back-fill.
Project generally complete after Alfie helps fill in the trench on my side of the curb stop.
Sure is nice to have your own excavator!

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